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Readworthy welcomes proposals to publish manuscripts from all walks of life. Be it fiction, non-fiction or research / academic in any subject (Humanities, Social Sciences or Science and Technology). And now we accept manuscripts in all Indian Languages as well. Weather they are original writings or translations, we are equipped to publish all.

Just follow some of the simple tips and tricks and send us your Publishing Proposals.

1) The proposals should be sent by email to :

Or hardcopy to

Editorial Department

Readworthy Press Corporation

D-1, Mohan Garden, Near Barat Ghar,

New Delhi – 110059 (INDIA)

Phones: +91-8141882226

2) Readworthy do not accept any proposals on floppy disks, CDs, pendrives or any digital form other than word or PDF files sent by emails.

3) Before sending the proposals make sure that the text and other related matter like images, illustrations etc. are in a font easily readable by our editorial team.

4) If you are sending the proposal in Hardcopy then make sure that it is duly typed. We do not entertain hand-written manuscripts.

5) The proposal should contain the following:

a. A detailed synopsis

b. At least 20% of your manuscript, if not complete.

c. Brief profile of all who have been associated with the making of manuscript be it author, editor, translator, illustrator and the like whose names are going in the final publication.

d. Duly filled in Pre-Publication Questionnaire.

6) It may take as long as six weeks to review your submission.

7) Please note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal lies with Readworthy alone. We may not give a reason should we decide not to accept your proposal for publication.

 8) Do not submit your manuscript to other publishing houses while your proposal is being considered by Readworthy.

9) Do retain a copy of your work/submission with you as Readworthy is not responsible for any loss or damage of the submission.

In case you seek any further information do email us.

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