Our Operations

Readworthy’s Business operations fall into distinct areas:


Readworthy publishes academic, reference and scholarly works in Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine (both traditional and modern), and Science & Technology. Our publishing interest fall across every genre, including Religion and philosophy, Language and Linguistics, Economics and Business, Politics and International Relations, Automobile Engineering, Development Studies, Naturopathy, History and Culture, Health and fitness, Personality Development, and Astrology, to name a few.

We also co-publication monographs, conference publications and collected articles with research institutions.

Online Sale

All our titles are available for sale through various online stores.


All our titles are available in various e-book formats like PDF, epub, mobi and the like.


Readworthy distributes books-both Indian and Foreign – in India and other South Asian countries. We have a wide network of booksellers and distributors all over India and other South Asian countries, besides a team of committed and experienced marketing professionals. Also, we have established warehouse, equipped with all the modern facilities. We provide detailed information about our titles through our catalogues, marketing campaigns, promotional material and in-house bulletin.

Import and Export

We import books from overseas publishers and distribute them in India and other South Asian countries. We also export books.

Our Bulletin

We publish a monthly in-house journal, namely, Readworthy Bulletin. Besides giving latest news about book-trade, the bulletin provides detailed information about new titles of Readworthy, titles to be released shortly and in the pipeline.

Our Vision

We intend to participate in activities that promote reading culture.

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