Modern Etiquettes for Girls


Margaret Frankl

vi,238 p.; 2009

ISBN-13/ EAN: 978-81-907734-0-9(Paperback)

ISBN-10: 81-907734-0-2(Paperback)

INR 599.00


LC Subject heading

1. Etiquette for girls. 

2. Girls–Conduct of life. ­­­­­­­­

Bisac Sub: SEL031000/SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General

About the Book

Etiquette has always meant good manners and courtesy. But for a girl like you it means even more. It could be defined as intuition, empathy, thoughtfulness, self-confidence and poise. It is knowing what to do with your male roommate when your mother comes to visit, or knowing how to defend yourself against men who want you more than you want them. It is knowing when to honour traditional rules and when to ignore them.       

Etiquette can never be a static style of behaviour. It evolves, always. But many people just do not acknowledge the changes. Nobody tells you how to keep pace with the changes. This book does. It presents correct procedures for the formal ceremonies of life, etiquette of living with a man, how to survive infidelity, what to do when you get pregnant but did not mean to, guidelines for office romance, art of looking beautiful, how to make friends, and much more.    

About the Author

Margaret Frankl, a trained journalist, has been working in the field of life-style and behavioral development for over twenty years. She writes regularly for well-known newspapers and magazines in America and abroad. She lives in Florida with her husband and two children, and runs a counseling center.


Love Your Body: It Really Works — Be Good to Your Teeth and Gums, Sweetie — Wear What is Right for You — How to Wear False Eyelashes — Be a Little Bit Classy, Baby — Greeting Capsules — Cultivate a Sexy Voice — Start Conversation: It Matters — Ten Golden Rules to Write a Love Letter — Twenty Tips to Make Friends — Street Compliments are also Morale Boosters — Lying: When to and When not to — Thirty-nine Ways to be a Great Date — Meeting His Mother — Guidelines for Office Romance — Facing Sexual Troubles: Work out Immediately — Must Do’s in the Bedroom for Your Man — Power of Gifting: Use it Thoughtfully — Be a Perfect Hostess — When You are a Guest — When You’re in Airplane — How to Behave on a Boat — Fifteen Surefire Ways to Meet Men Abroad — Money Matters, Of Course — Distinguish between Slobby Spending and Generosity — Apology: A Powerful Means of Communication — Gaming Virgin: Do with Style and Grace — Sex is an Art; Learn it — Fix a Limit to Sexual Generosity — Handle Adultery Thoughtfully — Sure Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy — Live-in-Relationship

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