E for Entrepreneur


Neeraj Chopra, Kartika Kanishka Sharma

viii,180 p.; 2021

ISBN-13/ EAN: 978-93-5018-431-8 (Paperback)

ISBN-10: 93-5018-431-1 (Paperback)

INR 449.00

Bisac Sub: (BUS025000) Business & Economics / Entrepreneurship

About the Book

In today’s highly techno-savvy and digital world, we are left with few stones that should be turned. Stones of learning through literature and experience of the people, in particular, who have achieved something substantial in their lives.
This book is about the learning pebbles that can pave the way for the future of the nation. We need experiences to learn and grow. Our growth pattern depends on how much we interact with the learned personalities.
This book involves plenty of advice, strategies for almost every domain and aims to solve your problems. Let the unusual idea you have turns into a successful startup by avoiding some major pitfall.

About the Author

Neeraj Chopra has vast rich 15 plus years of Electronics & IT Sector experience. Apart from this he has immense interest in letting people know about “How Entrepreneur Grow”. With highly ambitious venture of “Zobox Retails Private Limited”, Neeraj aims to organize the current electronics and IT market. As a voracious reader, he always wanted to give the readers a better prospective of startup sector on the whole.

Kartika Kanishka Sharma, has a rich 10 plus years of experience in writing. She started her career as a part-time writer, as it is a solitary profession. Apart from being a writer at Your story—India’s leading platform for startups—she has authored and inked many articles for leading newspapers of India.

Passionate about reading and writing, she always wanted to pen down the experiences she had with the leading entrepreneurs of India.


Foreword–Start-up and Spirituality–Stylework–Farmgate Technologies Limited–ThinkIIT–Cashify–Yulu–Gewinn Wachstum Organisation–Chezuba–GetLitt!–Kinderdance–Galaxy Internet–Zimyo–Dhanda–ArcLight Productions–Collotech–Article by Aanan Khurma–CarEager–Pay Review–Shalini, The Author–Best Computer Solutions (Mumbai and Bengaluru)–Torchit–Story of Souls (Believe in the Miracle of Stories)–Simnovus–Bhumi Entech Equipments  Pvt.  Ltd.–Flora Fly–How Astrology or Astro Science Can Be Your Next Startup–Listernerz–Conclusion

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