Cultural History of Odisha


Mohammed Yamin

viii,316 p.; 2021

Includes bibliographical references

ISBN-13/ EAN: 978-93-5018-429-5 (Hardbound)

ISBN-10: 93-5018-429-X (Hardbound)

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­­­­­­Bisac Sub: (REL037010) Religion / Islam / History

About the Book

Historical knowledge could be a guide to understand the present and shape our future also. An important aspect of this book is to critically analyze the culture of Odisha. This book is to outline the emergence of Islam and its role on various aspects of Odishan way of life, of course,  Odisha has been home of different  tradition and customs from generation. With the entry of Islam, there were noticeable  changes  occurred in Odishan society,  religion, historiography,  art, architecture, painting, language,  maritime  trade  and    commercial  intercourse. The culture of Odisha is full of continuity and enrichments. The history of Odisha during the post-Islamic involvement is a portrayal of reconciliation  between the Hindus and the Muslims on various field. ln this book eighteen chapters have been dealt which are culturally associate with odisha. The cultural fusion of Odisha has been critically emphasized here.

About the Author

Mohammed  Yamin  (b.1971)  holds  a  Doctoral  degree  in  History. Presently serving at Khariar (Autonomous) College, Khariar in the District of Nuapada Odisha. His literary profile is all-pervasive. He was also a former Research Associate to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, HP. His two popular research books-Impact of Islam on Orissan Culture and Islam in Orissa (A Fascinating Socio-Cultural Study) evoked enormous interest among the readers. His writings are on culture, religion and age-old Indian tradition and his research paper  have  been  published  in  various  international  and  national journal of repute.


Preface–Emergence of Islam In Odisha–Hiuen-Tsang in Odisha: A Retrospect–Odisha in the Medieval Islamic Historiography: A Historical Account–Sufism in Odisha: A New Look–Sufism: The Mystical Path of Islam–Car Festival of Puri in the Travelogue of Mahmud-Bin-Amirwali: A Historical Appraisal–Islamic Impact on Odia Language and Literature: A Historical Study–Salbeg: A Legendary Saint Poet of Odisha–A Glimpse of Islamic Architecture in Odisha–Cuttack as an Urban Centre: A Fascinating Study Of Islamic Culture–Islamic impression on Odishan  Paintings–Mughal Tamasha: A Review on Satirical Folk Play–Economic Scenario of Odisha during the Muslim Rule: Some Reflection–Mughal  revenue  administration  in   odisha :  A  Discourse–Discourse on Ganjifa the Unique Playing Cards–Maritime contact of Odisha  with Bali:  A Fascinating Study–Maritime Contact of Kalinga With Sinhala: Some New Aspects–Re-Examining the Ancient Ports of Odisha–Conclusion–Glossary–Appendix-I: Theoretical Gnosis and Doctrinal Sufism and their Significance today–Bibliography–Journals & Newspaper

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