Humanscapes: Stories on Human Nature



172 p.; 2013

Includes index.

ISBN-13/ EAN: 978-93-82363-02-6 (Paperback)

ISBN-10: 93-82363-02-5 (Paperback)

INR 449.00


LC Subject heading

1. Human behavior–Fiction.

2. Short stories, Indic (English). ­­­­­­­­

Bisac Sub: FIC004000/FICTION / Classics

About the Book

“What makes each man unique, is that he has the total freedom to learn from the experiences, and to use them to grow from animalistic existence to the awakened state, or to ignore the experiences and go on with his instinctive animalistic existence, thus differentiating the common man from a prospective Buddha, who is in that fully awakened state. For a Buddha, no experience is commonplace because nothing  ever gets repeated for he is ever awake and aware. But most of us are asleep or in somnambulism metaphysiaclly,  that creates a monotony and boredom in our life.

In this collection of stories, an effort has been made to present various qualities, positive as well as negative, from the point of view of a learner. Though freedom is taken as far as the faculty of imagination is concerned, the characters mentioned in these stories, have been part of the author’s experience, though during the experiences, he had not expected them to be so deep as to leave such lasting impressions on his psyche. Rewriting them after a long time, is bound to make the writing less factual and more fictional. This collection is not a scientific treatise, but just a perspective of an artist, as he sees it! It is like the views of a landscape painter of a place and thus the collection has been titled as ‘Humanscapes’.”

About the Author

Raghunandan presently works for Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Hurda, Rajasthan. Inspired by (Late) Swami Ranganathanandaji, the then President of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, took to the life of seeking by joining Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Work took him to various places and he met many persons who changed his attitude towards life. His other works include, A Silent Journey – In Search of Oneself; The Wisdom of Vasistha; Insights into Existence – Essays on the Upanisads; Tapestry – A Collection of Short Stories; and Encounters – A Collection of Stories.


The Cradle—Dependence—A Strange Man—A Good Samaritan—Unforgettable ‘S N M’—A Real Artiste—Masters of Misery—Fall at Sunset—In Waiting—Comradeship—Sensitivity—The Human Burdens—Pain—Jealousy—The Ecclipsed—Normadness—Enterprise—A Gate Called Death—Intimacy—Achievement—Fright

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