Corruption Free India: Fight to Finish


Yasir Hussain

x, 210 p.; 2012

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9789380297248 (Hardbound)

ISBN-10:93-80297-24-6 (Hardbound)

INR 1100.00

LC Subject heading

1. Corruption–India. 

2. Corruption–India–Prevention. 

3. Political corruption–India. 

4. Political corruption–India–Prevention

BISAC Subject:  POL000000/POLITICAL SCIENCE / General

About the Book:

This book attempts to address the major issues concerning corruption in India. Presenting an overview of corruption in the country, it discusses at length its types, causes, consequences and cures. Giving a detailed account of major scandals India has witnessed, it examines the existing laws to tackle corruption in the country. Anti-corruption movement, the issue of Lokpal and the right to information also find place in the discussion.

About the Author:

Yasir Hussain (1976-) is a journalist qualified from the Jamia Millia Islamia University and has been contributing to the columns of different magazines and newspapers regularly.


Preface–Corruption in India: An Overview–Types of Corruption–Causes of Corruption–Consequences and Cures of Corruption–Major Scandals India is Ashamed of–Existing Laws to Tackle Corruption in India–Anti-Corruption Movement in India–The Issue of Lokpal –Right to Information Act–United Nations Convention against Corruption–Bibliography–Index

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