Global Warming: The Causes and Consequences


Ishita Haldar

x, 190 p.2011

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9789380302812(Paperback)

ISBN-10: 93-80302-81-9(Paperback) INR 199.00

LC Subject heading

1. Global warming. 

2. Global warming–International cooperation.

Bisac Subject: SCI092000/SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change

About the Book

Global warming and climate change have become an issue of great concern. Now as the world is getting technologically and industrially more advanced, resulting in the setting up of huge factories, the environmental pollution is heading towards alarming levels. It is obvious that more factories mean more pollution and more carbon emissions, which highly aggravate global warming. Keeping this in view, the policy makers from all over the w¬orld have decided to unite and chalk out a plan to keep the adverse effects of global warming within safety limits.  This book is also an effort in this direction. Defining in detail the major aspects of global warming, it discusses at length its causes and effects. Taking a close look at the global response to contain global warming, it also explains the important provisions of Copenhagen Summit, Kyoto Protocol and Post-Kyoto Protocol Negotiations on Green-house Gas Emissions.

About the Author

Ishita Haldar teaches Geography in Veda Vyas DAV Public  School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. She completed her B.A.  (Hons) from Delhi University and M.Sc in Geography from  Kurukshetra University. She has co-authored a book of DAV  Board for class VIII students.


Global Warming Defined — Causes of Global Warming — Effects of Global Warming — Climate Change and Agriculture — Responses to Global Warming — Copenhagen Summit — Kyoto Protocol — Post-Kyoto Protocol Negotiations on Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Politics of Global Warming

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