Gleanings from the Buddhist Heritage


Prof. Karunesh Shukla

vi, 207 p.2013

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9789350183670(Paperback)

ISBN-10: 93-5018-367-6(Paperback) INR 199.00

LC Subject heading

1. Buddhist literature–History and criticism.

Bisac Subject: PHI028000/PHILOSOPHY / Buddhist

About the Book

This book throws light into different aspects of Indian Buddhism. Just like the predicament of modern generation, A comparison of Sankara’s Advate and Advaya vada of Madhyamika. It describes various sects of Buddhism such as Vajrayana and Tantree Buddhism, etc. Sanskrit was considered as the language of the uppermost classes of the society but here we can see the universal character of Buddhist Sanskrit text. Here we can found the contribution of various scholars and philosophers to Buddhism. This book gives a special reference of Buddhism to gotra bhumi, avatara bhumi, etc. This book covers different controversies regarding the death of Lord Buddha including the basic themes of Buddhism presented by various critics. In this book, we come across the contributions of various scholars such as Nagarjuna, Asanga, etc. to Buddhism.

About the Author

Karunesh Shukla (b. 1940) retired as a Professor of Sanskrit Dean, Faculty of Arts and Chairman, Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University (1985-2001) after an active service of four decades; his doctoral Ph.D. dissertation on Comparative Studies in Sankara and Nagarjuna has been acknowledged by experts as a distinct contribution on the subject; he won U.P. Sanskrit Akademi award for his book (ed.) Atmani Atmanivedanam (1979); he was Government of India Scholar in Humanities, he was Fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research; his works include Gaudapada our Pracina Vedanta (1970), critical editions of Sravakabhumi of Asanga, Patna (1971); Kanada Sutranibandha, (1985), Pasupatam (1986), Hetutattopadesa (1987), Catuhstavasamasartha (1987), Tarkasopana (1987) and several Buddhist and Sanskrit texts awaiting for publication; as the Founder General Secretary, Nagarjuna Buddhist Foundation, he actively supervises the research activities of this Research centre and edit Prajnaloka, Journal of Nagarjuna Buddhist Foundation; he has been participant to many International Conferences in the field of Indology, Sanskrit and Buddhist Studies; he has collected more than 3000 original Sanskrit manuscript and conducts workshops for the preservation, editing and conservation of manuscripts since 1983.


Emancipation and Modern Predicament—The Nāthayoga and the Indian Buddhist Tradition—Problems and Perspectives in Buddhist Research—A Note on Advaya and Advaita—Nagarjuna, a Mahāyanist—Aśvaghoṣa and the Buddhist Social Order—The Universal Character of the Buddhist Sanskrit Texts—The Buddhist Sanskrit Language—Some Observations on the Language of the Works of Asaṅga—Asaṅga in Buddhist Literature —The Buddhist Concepts of Avatāra and Naiṣkramya in Asaṅga’s Works—Some Missing Portions of the Gotra-bhūmi—Avatārabhūmi Reconstructed—Heruka in Tantric Buddhism—Vajrayāna Tradition and Kambalapāda—Aspects of Buddhist Tantric Texts—Buddhists and the Validity of the Vedic Scriptures—The Śramaṇa Tradition and Some Early Trends in Absolutist Thinking—A Buddhist Critique of the Sphoṭa Doctrine—Buddhist References in the Nyāyabhūṣaṇam—Nakamura and Indian Buddhism—Appendix – 1—Appendix – 2—Bibliography—Index

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