Gems from the Ocean of Devotional Hindu Thought


V. Krishnamurthy

xviii, 366 p.2011

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9789350180150(Paperback)

ISBN-10: 93-5018-015-4(Paperback) INR 399.00

LC Subject heading

1. Vedanta. 

2. Hindu philosophy.

Bisac Subject: REL032000 / RELIGION / Hinduism / General

About the Book:-

The ocean of Hindu scriptural wisdom in the form of teachings of ancient masters of the religion is too massive for single individuals. This book presents, however, a compact connected collection of such wisdom from the vast and deep literature on Devotional Hindu Thought. Starting with a comparative study of Sundarakanda in the three monumental epics – Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayanam and Tulsi’s Ram Charitamanas, it goes on to explain the deeper aspects of Devotion and Prayer through gems from the Bhagavatam and also through brief accounts of lives and achievements of the greatest devotees, saints and masters who modelled Hindu thought over the centuries.

About the Author:-

V. Krishnamurthy (b. 1927) has served the Department of Mathematics in Thiagarajar College, Madurai; Annamalai University; University of Illinois, U.S.A.; and BITS, Pilani, where he was also Deputy Director for two decades. His mathematical research is in the area of Functional Analysis, Topology, Combinatorics and Mathematics Education.  Prof. Krishnamurthy was also trained systematically in the traditional Hindu scriptures. In addition to a good number of lectures on Hindu scriptural literature and Vedanta, he has to his credit many books on Hinduism, including Essentials of Hinduism (1989); Hinduism for the Next Generation (1992); The Ten Commandments of Hinduism (1994); Science and Spirituality—A Vedanta Perception (2002); Live Happily the Gita Way (2008); and Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought (2010).


Foreword — Preface — Acknowledgements — Key to Transliteration — A Note to the Reader — Sundaraka ? ? a Triad–Va lmi ki, Kamban and Tulsi — Gems from S ri mad-Bha gavatam — Speak to God through Prayerful Contemplation — The Guru — Bibliography – Index.

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