Duty & Responsibility


Nancy Williams

x, 190 p.2009

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9788190657969(Paperback)

ISBN-10: 81-906579-6-8(Paperback)

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LC Subject heading

1. Self-culture.

2. Success.

Bisac Subject: SEL023000/SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Self-Esteem

About the Book

Many people feel that they are weighed down by duties, obligations and responsibilities.  They don’t realize that complaining about carrying out their duties is like complaining about having to eat.  Eating is not only necessary, but can be a source of great pleasure.  The same is true for performing our responsibilities.  We actualize our potential by fulfilling our obligations, which leads to pleasure and happiness.  This book offers some important tips on self-improvement and sense of responsibility.

About the Author

Nancy Williams has been working in the field of human functioning and strategic life planning for over fifteen years.  A Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts  she is associated with many organizations of repute across the world.  She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota  and runs a counseling center.


Enjoy Yourself — Does Evil Exist? — Don’t Worry; Be Happy — Drugs and Belief — Duty and Responsibility — Egotism — Eliminating Misunderstanding — Embrace Life — Envy and Jealousy  — Examples of Integrity — Experiencing Nature — Facing Fear — False Opinions — Fear of Crime — Fear of Death — Life is a Roller Coaster — Feeling Lonely — Find Meaning — Interview like a Champion — The Importance of Emotions in LOA — Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires — Do not Allow F-E-A-R to Hold You Back! — Enjoy Everyday — Breaking Down the Cycle of Self-hate — The Past is not an Excuse — What is Your Story — Self-Esteem — De-serve Money to Deserve Money — How to Get What You Want — Manifesting and the Three Requisites for Change — How People get Inspired — Beauty Tips — Top 10 Qualities of Excellence — Laws of Life!! — Seven Power Skills that Build Strong Relationships!!! — Forty Valuable Lessons — Self Introspect to Remove Confusion — Weekly Planning for Personal Development — The Changes You Want — Life is Short, Make it Meaningful — Secret of Wealth — Secrets of Energy — Learning from Your Mistakes — Five Ways to Feel Super-Optimistic — The Power of Saying “No” — Remove Words like ‘I can’t’ from Your Vocabulary — How to Develop a Personal Vision!!! — The Purpose of Life — Ten Rules for Working and Living — Ten Keys for Success!!! — Self Development Tips! — Daily Planning — The Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills!! — It’s the Thought that Matters — How to Face a Problem — Eight Ways to Help Accept Change!!! — Just One Person we all Need…!!! — Dream Big Dreams — Top Ten Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Work Life!! — Lessons-from a Movie “Million Dollar Baby” — Use the D System to Get Organized and Reduce Clutter!

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