Attention Disorders & Body Safety


Lisa Foster

vii, 160 p.2009

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9788190773454(Hardbound)

ISBN-10: 81-907734-5-3(Hardbound) INR 195.00

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1. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

2. Personality disorders. 

3. Hygiene.

BISAC Subject: SEL031000/SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General

About the Book

Attention disorders involve a set of chronic conditions marked by an inability to pay attention, hyperactivity and a tendency to engage in impulsive acts. Children with attention disorders often struggle academically and may have difficulty in establishing friendship and other relationships. As a result, they may develop poor self-esteem.        This book presents a detailed account of attention deficit hyperactivily disorder, communication disorders, conduct disorders, dyslexia, oppositional defiant disorder, stuttering, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, explaining their causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis methods and treatment options. Also, it deals with safety measures from bites, burns, bruises, cuts, heat related illness, and botox.

About the Author

Lisa Foster, a psychologist by training, has a decade-long experience of working in the field of human functioning and behavior. She has published a good number of articles and research papers in several newspapers and journals of repute. Also, she has to her credit a book entitled How to prevent Depression and Craziness. She lives in Arkansas with her husband Jan Van Dijk, a well-known behavioral scientist, as a daughter.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder — Communication Disorders — Conduct Disorders — Learning Disorders — Oppositional Defiant Disorder — Stuttering — Alzheimer’s Disease and its Medications — Dementia — Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation — Heat Related Illness — Aging and the Skin — Botox — Facial Skin Rejuvenation — Chemical Peels

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