Village Development Planning

Village Development Planning


R.N. Aggrawal

viii, 240 p; 2019

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN:978-93-88121-24-8(Hardbound)

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1. Rural development–India. 

2. Rural development–Government policy–India.

About the Book:-

Gram Panchayats have been mandated for the preparation of Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) for economic development and social justice utilizing the resources available to them. The GPDP planning process has to be comprehensive and based on participatory process which involves the full convergence with Schemes of all related Central Ministries / Line Departments related to 29 subjects enlisted in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution.  Most in the village live with no means of livelihood. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, & poor infrastructure are a big concern. The lack of primary health care facilities, along with gender disparity, high incidence of infant mortality, poor maternal health, child undernourishment are additional grave issues for the villages.  Rural development in general is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-urban neighbourhoods, countryside, and remote villages. These communities can be exemplified with a low ratio of inhabitants to open space.  This study, carried out under the aegis of Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) programme, attempts to address a wide range of issues concerning village development planning in India.

About the Author:-

Dr. R.N. Aggrawal, M.A., Ph.D., teaching at Savitri Devi College of Arts and Science for last twelve years. He joined the college in 2007. He possesses intense command over the subject. He has organized several work shops on educational system and attended many seminars and conferences


Introduction • Villages of India; Women in Indian Villages, Indian Village Society; The Changing Face of Wicca in India; Indian Village Society, Indian Villages; Education in Indian Villages, Indian Village Society; Economic Face of Rural India is Gradually Changing; MNCs in Rural India: At a Turning Point • Development Scenario of the Village The Sample Design; Significance of Rural Development; Socioeconomic Structure; Social Sector Development Programmes; Agricultural Economy and Land Distribution Pattern; Income and Poverty • Settlement and Structure of Village Community The Community Development Programme; E-mpowering Rural India through Internet; Community Development And National Extension; Community Development Programme in Rural Society; “The Future of India Lies in its Villages”; Role of Education and Culture in Rural Development; Rural India: How Computers and Internet can Change the Game; Review of Rural Education in India • Panchayats in Village Rural Development Perspective Community Development and Panchayat Raj ; Women in Agriculture; Rural Women Empowerment through Microfinance; Panchayati Raj Institutions • Reflections on the Changing Face of the Gram Samaj A Montage from a Post-Aila Sunderbans; Village Society at Century’s End; Attitudes Toward Endogamy • Development of Village Industry Planning Rural Development; Urban Life in Village; Urban Planning; Land Policy in Urban Planning; Rural Development Programs and their Implementation; Impact of Road Development on the Rural Economy of NE India; Bharat Nirman • Rural Development Schemes in India • Rural Development in India-Schemes; Rural Development in India-Organizations; Ministry of Rural Development in India; National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development; Demand Driven Scheme; Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna; National Food for Work Programme; Rural Empoloyment Scheme; Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana; Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana; National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 • Rural Development Planning Participatory Planning System; Policy Areas for Institutional Development; Strategy, Approaches and Historical Background of Rural Development in India; Role and Functions of the District Rural Development Agency; Organisational Structure of the DRDAs; Ministry of Rural Development; Performance Of India”S Planned Economic Development• Development of Village Planning and Village Panchayats District Plans; District Development Machinery; Promoting integrated village planning • Bibliography • Index.

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