Value Education: A Study in Human Values and Virtues


A.R. Mohapatra & Bijaya Mohapatra

168 p.2014

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9789350183724(Hardbound)

ISBN-10: 93-5018-372-2(Hardbound) INR 595.00

LC Subject heading

1. Values–Philosophy. 

2. Virtues–Philosophy. 

3. Values–India. 

4. Virtues–India. 

5. Moral education–India. 

6. Hindu ethics.

About the Book

This book is intended to study Value Education from traditional philosophy to modern social philosophy from different aspects. The attempts has been taken to clear the concept of Value Education from a realistic perspective Value Education in concerned with total person of a being and becoming, with moral awareness and character. The study of Value Education can pave the way towards perfection, with a mission to live by the values and virtues. The subject matters of the book is for the enrichment of human life with innate knowledge and values.

About the Author

Dr. Amulya Ranjan Mohapatra is former Vice-Principal and Principal of Government Colleges of Orissa. He taught philosophy over a period of twenty years and has undertaken many research projects of U.G.C., ICSSR and ASRC on different inter-disciplinary studies. Besides authoring many books in English, Oriya and Hindi, including The Idea of Inexpressible: A Philosophical Analysis, Philosophy of Religion, Hinduism: Analytical Study, Swaraj: A Multidimensional Concept and Social Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda. Dr. Mohapatra has to his credit over 300 articles published in

Different magazines and newspapers of repute. Mrs. Bijaya Mohapatra. M.A. BED. is working as Head Ministers, in Govt. High School, Dumuriput, Koraput. She is a regular participant of Air Women’s Programmes.Content
Preface – PART-I: Ancient Values & Virtues : Introduction, Meaning of Value – Defination of Value – Value Philosophy Virtues – Human Values and Virtues. The Philosophy of Value:Fact and Value – Nature of Value – Subjective Value – Objective Value – Realistic Value – Idealistic Value Pragmatic Value – Extrinsic Value – Intrinsic Value Relative Value – Absolute Value – Intellectual Value Ethical Value – Aesthetic Value.  Plato: Plato’s Virtues: Wisdom – Criticism – Courage – Criticism; Temperance – Criticism – Justice – Criticism – Another Classification of Plato’s Virtue – True Virtue – Philosophic Virtue – Customauy Virtue; Plato’s Value – Criticism. Aristotle: Aristotle Virtue: Classification of Aristotle’ Virtue: Intellectual Virtues – Criticism – Ethical Virtues – Criticism, Aristotle’s Justice – Distributive Justice – Corrective Justice, Aristotle’s Value: Classification

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