Ambedkar and Abolition of Caste System

Ambedkar and Abolition of Caste System


M.N. Mehta

viii, 232 p; 2019

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 978-93-88162-60-9(Hardbound)

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LC Subject heading

1. Ambedkar, B. R. (Bhimrao Ramji), 1891-1956–Political and social views. 

2. Caste–India. 

3. Dalits–India. 

4. India–Social conditions.

About the Book:-

Dr. Ambedkar was emancipator of the ‘untouchables’ and crusader for social justice. This liberator of the down trodden was affectionately called “Babasaheb”. He was sthumously awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’ in the year 1990. Ambedkar was a great champion of the dalit cause because he succeeded in turning the depressed class movement into a revolutionary movement throughout India.  There are occupational, religious etc., castes, it is true, but it is by no means an explanation of the origin of Caste. We have yet to find out why occupational groups are castes; but this question has never even been raised. Lastly they have taken Caste very lightly as though a breath had made it. The central aim therefore is not limited to social upliftment of the Harijans, but economic emancipation of the poor by eliminating all forms of exploitation through capacity building among the target population and conscientisation of the masses with the help of basic education and self-employment.  Untouchability has played an important role in Indian history and still affects many millions of Indians. The Untouchables focuses on its connections with poverty and state politics, with a primarily political and historical focus, but also looks at its social construction and effects on the lives of individuals.  The book, which provides a rare opportunity to debate and discuss the contribution of Dr. Ambedkar in nation-building, will be great interest to all sections of people.

About the Author:-

Dr. M.N. Mehta, M.A., Ph.D. in Political Science, HoD, Deptt. of Political Science at K.G. College, Vishnupur under M.U.  He is teaching the subject for last eighteen years. His area of specialization is International Relation and South Asian Politics. He has published several articles in various national and international journals of repute. He has attended a number of conferences and seminars and presented research papers.


Introduction • Aims and Objectives ; ‘Ambedkar’ against Exploitation; Capitalism; Imperialism; Oppression of Women ; On Revolution; With the Hindus; Frustration; The Problem of Political Suppression; Poona Pact; Harijan; Dalits and Religion; Resistance to the Soul: Gandhi and His Critics • Life and Work of Ambedkar • Father of India’s Constitution; ‘Ambedkar’ for the Movement of Dalits; Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Writings and Speeches; Liberalism and Reformism; Redefinition Project; Visions and Icons of Great Person; Commitment and Constraint; Non- Dialectical Solution: State and Religion; Chronological: the Struggle for an Education ; Death • Ambedkar and Casteism Hindus and Want of Public Conscience; Racial Difference as the Origin of Untouchability; Hindus and Their Want of Social Conscience; Ambedkar and Social inequality • Ambedkar on Theories and Abolition of Untouchability 106 Occupational Origin and Theory of Untouchability; Untouchabality and the Date of its Birth; New Theories of the Origin of Untouchability; Beef Eating as the Root of Untouchability; Non-Brahmins Give up Beef-eating; Beef-eating make Broken Men Untouchables; The Brahmins become Vegetarians; Broken Men become Untouchables • Ambedkar Views on Caste Systems Ambedkar on Caste System; Ambedkar’s Understanding Of Caste ; The Significance of Ambedkar; Manu and the Sudras; Preservation of Social Order; An Object Surrender; Educational Facilities Caste and Social System of Ambedkar Introduction; Indian Caste and Social Status ; British Impact over Caste System in India ; Ambedkar’ Critique of the Indian Social System ; Historical Background ; The Hindu Social System; Practice Of Caste System And Untouchability; Caste System in India ; History of the Development of Caste System ; Varna and Jati in India • Ambedkar View on Salvation Slavery in India; This is a Matter of Class Struggle ; Religion is for Man ; The Caste Notion and the Nation; Gandhi: Patron Saint of the Industrialist; Gain the Strength ; Why this Oppression Against You? ; Is there any Sympathy for you in Hinduism? • Bibliography • Index

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