Ecological Perspectives in Buddhism


K.C. Pandey

xiv, 298 p.2008

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN-13/ EAN: 9788189973001(Hardbound}

ISBN-10: 81-89973-00-2(hardbound)

INR 840.00

LC Subject heading

1. Ecology–Religious aspects–Buddhism.  

2. Ecology–Moral and ethical aspects.  

BISAC Subject: PHI028000/PHILOSOPHY / Buddhist

About the Book:

Human existence – mental as well as physical – is a product of ecology. By way of showing that our ancient culture was concerned with reflections on the intimate relationship between life and ecology, this anthology presents an in-depth analysis of Buddhist response to ecological concerns. It reflects upon the wider range of contemporary relevance and importance, such as the relationship between mental and physical aspects of human life, casual explanation of ecological issues in the light of pratityasamutpada and concept of sunyata, social and legal ecology, tantra and vipasyana aspects of Buddhist yoga, and Buddhist approach to ‘deep’ as well as ‘shallow’ ecology. This book will be useful for the students and scholars of various disciplines who are interested in ecological issues and their possible solutions, development workers, ecologists, and the laymen interested in the subject.

About the Author:

Dr. K.C. Pandey (1970- ) is a Reader in the Department of Philosophy, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. In the past, he has taught at the colleges of Delhi University, B.R.A. Bihar University, and Himachal Pradesh University. Dr. Pandey has completed U.G.C. I.U.C. ‘Associateship’ at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. With awarded writings to his credit, he has published about 40 research papers in reputed journals and anthologies in India and abroad. His other published works are: Wittgenstein Ke Darshan Ki Ruprekha (An Outline of Wittgenstein’s Philosophy), Tulanatmak Darshan (Comparative Philosophy), Perspectives on Wittgenstein’s Unsayable and Ludwig Wittgenstein: Ethics and Religion.


Part I: Internal Ecology versus External Ecology — Buddhist Ecology — Nature and Buddhism — Towards Buddhist Ecology — Religious Ecology in Buddhism — Buddhist Message Towards Attitudinal Crisis in Ecology — Ecology, Tripitaka and Buddhism — Purification of Inner self: Bulwark for Ecology — Part II: Pratityasamutpada and Ecology — Buddhism and Ecology — Buddhism and the Human Ecology — The Dependent Origination and Ecology — Ecology and Nagarjuna’s Sunyata — Buddhism and Ecological Crisis: A Short Note — Part III: Buddhism and Social and Legal Ecology — Buddhism, Justice and Ecological Consideration — Toward Rights of Trees: A Buddhist Perspective —  Part IV: Buddhism and Spiritual Ecology — The Buddhist Moral View and  its Ecological Implications — Vipasyana and Ecology — Buddhism as an Ecological Religion — Buddhism as an Environmental Religion — Environmental Concerns of Contemporary Man — Part V: Buddhism and Deep Ecology — Elements of Deep Ecology in Buddhism — Deep Ecological Consciousness and Pratityasamutpada — Part VI: Buddhist Ethics and Ecology — Paramita Sadhana – An Ecological Grandeur: Environmental Ethics in Buddhist Perspective — Buddhist Ethical Precepts and Bio-Ethics

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